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Should Brands Hop On New Social Media Sites? - The Marketing Posse
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Should Brands Hop On New Social Media Sites?

Should Brands Hop On New Social Media Sites?

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, social media platforms play a crucial role in brand communication and audience engagement. While established platforms like Twitter and Facebook continue to dominate the social media landscape, the emergence of new platforms presents both opportunities and challenges for brands. We saw this happen most recently with Threads – a Meta owned platform that greatly mimics Twitter with a lot of its features. Over the past few weeks we’ve been asked repeatedly…should my business or brand be on Threads? Let’s discuss some of the benefits to hopping onto not just Threads – but any new social media site that may emerge. 

By venturing onto new social media sites, brands can tap into untapped audiences, demonstrate innovation, and establish themselves as trendsetters. This article explores the reasons why brands should consider hopping on new social media sites, highlighting the advantages of early adoption, access to new audiences, niche community engagement, enhanced features, advertising opportunities, and brand protection. Embracing new platforms strategically can help brands expand their reach, foster meaningful connections, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Early Adoption Advantage: Being an early adopter of a new social media platform can provide brands with a competitive advantage. By establishing a presence on a new platform before others, brands have the opportunity to build a following, gain visibility, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Access to New Audiences: New social media platforms often attract unique and diverse user bases that may not be as saturated with competitors. Brands can leverage these platforms to reach untapped audiences and engage with potential customers who may not be present on more established platforms.

Trendsetting and Innovation: Brands that embrace new social media platforms demonstrate a willingness to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. This can enhance their brand image, positioning them as forward-thinking and cutting-edge, which resonates positively with consumers.

Niche Communities: Some new social media platforms cater to specific interests, hobbies, or demographics. Brands that align with these niche communities can directly engage with their target audience and build a more focused and dedicated following. This allows for targeted marketing efforts and a higher likelihood of resonating with users who share similar interests.

Enhanced Features and Advertising Opportunities: New social media platforms often introduce unique features and advertising opportunities that may not be available on established platforms. Brands can leverage these innovative features to create engaging content, drive user interactions, and experiment with new advertising strategies to effectively promote their products or services.

Brand Protection: Securing brand usernames or handles on new social media platforms can be crucial for brand protection. By proactively registering and maintaining a presence, brands can ensure they have control over their brand identity across different platforms and prevent others from misrepresenting their brand.

It’s important for brands to assess the potential benefits, target audience relevance, and resources required before hopping on a new social media platform. Understanding the platform’s user base, engagement levels, and long-term viability can help brands make informed decisions about expanding their social media presence.

If you’d like help managing your social media sites, and having our team be able to hop on new social media sites for your business, contact us today! 

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