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(Our Services)

Management Services

Our suite of management services give you the right level of talent, including senior-level management, when and where you need it.

Management Services
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Services

Depending on the unique leadership needs of your organization, we provide interim and/or part-time CMO and CSO services.

Annual Marketing & Operating Plans

To achieve your goals, we will collaborate with you to determine strategic business objectives to shape annual operating and marketing plans with implementable tactics.

Agency & Supplier Management

We take a cohesive approach to your business, leading and managing each of your agencies and suppliers to make key initiatives come together flawlessly. These areas include program development, advertising and marketing materials, and innovation platforms to help harness the power of all your vendor relationships to move your business forward.

Marketing Initiative Execution

We will bring your marketing ideas from concept to reality, working with your agencies and suppliers – or leveraging our own preferred vendor relationships.

Strategy Services

Strategy is the foundation for every product and every process in your business.
Let us bring new strategic thinking
to your organization.

Strategy Services
Insight Development

Uncovering great insights for your business is about knowing the right questions to ask and how to apply the answers. We lead consumer and brand insight sessions for our clients, and conduct research including quantitative, qualitative and segmentation studies.

Organizational Planning

We not only help you define your corporate vision, we can also work with you to develop the organizational culture to bring that vision to life. We’ll help you fully articulate and model the values and behaviors for your people that will bring your corporate vision to fruition.

Branded Business Development

We redesign brands and refresh business concepts including insightful brand positioning, competitive landscape analysis, consumer targeting, communication platform development and much more.

Strategic Planning

The path to success begins with a strong plan. We can lead your internal teams to develop and execute short-term to multi-year strategic plans that drive sales, profits and growth.

Innovation Services

Innovation drives successful businesses today and we are innovation experts!

Innovation Services
Product Innovation

We offer deep experience in product innovation, leading the process from need assessment through to concept development and launch. We can even help you develop go-to- market strategies that will put your product in front of the right consumer at the right time.

Process Innovation

Our team can work with you to identify and define new business processes – and retool existing ones – to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your organization. Innovation process, agency management reviews and training programs are just a few examples.

Business Innovation

When business ideas become stale, an outsider’s perspective may help to ignite the creativity you’re seeking. Our team can facilitate cross-functional planning to develop new business ideas and approaches.

Partner Assessment

Partnerships are long-term commitments. Before you make the leap, let us assess your potential partnership or acquisition to ensure the deal brings compatible/complimentary brand identities and/or synergies that will benefit you now and in the future.

People Services

Your people are your most important assets. Let us help you unlock their potential.
People development is a Posse passion.

People Services
Training & Development

We offer training and development programs that can be customized for your organization’s needs, or we can build a training program specifically for you! Some of our topics include:

  • Leveraging Our Strengths (People)
  • Insights vs. Information (Context)
  • Brand Strategy (Why)
  • Planning and Communication (What)
  • Media and Marketing (Where and How)
  • Measuring and Adjusting (Performance)
Large Group Presentations & Facilitation

We love sharing what we know to help others succeed. We’re available to speak at public forums and large meetings about marketing and business topics relevant to your organization. We’re also experts in bringing people together. Let us facilitate meetings or workshops on planning, training, leadership and other topics so that you are free to fully participate and engage with your team.


Our experienced senior-level marketing professionals are available to host individual or small group mentoring sessions structured to provide leadership and guidance on real-time issues and initiatives. We offer one-to- one coaching, mentoring groups, peer networking events and mentoring network events.