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Moving to Google Analytics 4

Moving to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful used by marketing and technology pros to track and analyze your website’s performance. Google Analytics helps us determine the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, and better understand the impact of a website’s user experience with metrics like page views and conversion.

With the recent introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), businesses will be able to leverage powerful new features and gain deeper insights into their customers. On July 1, 2023 all Google Analytics properties that are not upgraded to Google Analytics 4 will stop processing data. That being said, if you rely on Google Analytics for tracking and any of the gajillion things you can do with it — it’s all hands-on deck time to migrate.

Once you’ve upgraded your Google Analytics account to GA4, here is what you can expect:

Enhanced Cross-Platform Tracking:

In an era where users engage with brands across multiple devices, GA4 improves cross-platform tracking capabilities. With the new platform, marketing departments can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer journeys, seamlessly tracking interactions across websites, mobile apps, and more. Updating to GA4 ensures that your business has a complete picture of user engagement across all devices.

The Power of Machine Learning and AI:

GA4 also integrates advanced machine learning and AI technologies, providing you with actionable insights and predictive analytics. By leveraging these capabilities, you unlock valuable information about user preferences, behavior patterns, and potential conversion opportunities.

Event-Driven Data Model:

The event-driven data model in GA4 replaces the traditional pageview-centric approach, allowing businesses to focus on specific user interactions. Moving to GA4 enables marketing professionals to define custom events that align with specific business goals, providing a more granular understanding of user engagement. Identifying and implementing the most relevant activities for your business is crucial to ensuring that you capture the data that truly matters.

Enhanced Analysis Tools:

GA4 introduces enhanced analysis tools, empowering businesses to uncover actionable insights. From cohort analysis to user lifecycle reports, these tools enable you to better understand user behavior, optimize marketing campaigns, and drive growth.

What happens if you don’t move your account by the deadline? Google will auto-create a GA4 property for you, but that’s all they will do. The property will exist, but it won’t be connected to your site until you install the new code and go through the GA4 setup assistant, no migration of data, etc. So it is important, especially if you rely on Google Analytics to make data informed decisions (and you should!) to get it set up correctly now.

Not sure who on your team will upgrade your business to Google Analytics 4 and unleash the full potential of your data? No worries, we’ve got your back. Contact us at today and let our team guide you through the transition seamlessly. Together, we’ll empower your business with the tools and insights needed to thrive in this digital landscape.

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