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The Marketing Posse | Why?
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(Our Approach)

Why does The Marketing Posse make sense for business today?

Finding effective marketing talent is more challenging than ever, because a truly great marketing expert must be fluent in all aspects of new media and marketing strategies . . . and that’s a tall order!

As business leaders, we’ve all experienced the constant technological innovations that have fragmented communication. Long gone are the days of simple TV and print ads. Now, marketing leaders need to understand social media, online marketing, integrated communications, promotions, innovation and other specialties.

No one has it all, and for those marketing leaders who have the required experience, their salary expectations make it financially challenging for small and medium sized organizations to bring in seasoned marketing executives who can lead their growth agenda.

At the same time, the landscape is changing in large companies with challenging cost structures that demand internal marketing teams do more with less. The day to day business issues can often make it difficult to get all the work done and leaves little time for the important training and development you plan to do, but just can’t get to.

Why is The Marketing Posse unique?

We’re a team of experienced marketing specialists who serve as your outsourced/external marketing team. With The Marketing Posse, you get access to:

  • Senior-level talent when you need it
  • Talented marketing experts with multiple specialties in today’s world of endless channels
  • The right staff with the right level of talent required for the successful completion of your project
  • A team committed to flexible business arrangements, working with you to develop and execute plans your budget can afford
  • Strategic marketing services and solutions that can enhance your marketing
    team without the long-term financial commitment or turnover

Our goal is to serve as your marketing department, or as an extension of it. We’re not a consulting firm that will simply assess your needs and then expect you to execute the plan. And we’re also not a creative agency that does design, although we have access to those resources if needed.

The Marketing Posse bridges the gap between Consultants and Agencies, providing the full range of services from beginning to end; from strategic assessments to marketing plans to creative execution. We can even work as your outsourced CMO, managing your agency partners to create synergies in planning, branding and messaging that help you get more bang for your buck!

Why should I choose The Marketing Posse
for my marketing needs?

At The Marketing Posse, we want to be a part of your team and hold ourselves to a strong set of values across all engagements.

  • We build authentic relationships, not clients.
  • We seamlessly integrate and take on challenges as our own.
  • We are focused on measurable success.
  • We thrive from a foundation of learning and development.
  • We are committed to constant innovation and excellent execution.
  • We celebrate diversity and are known for our integrity.
  • We have fun, take pride in our work and love what we do!