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Super Bowl Ad Roundup - The Marketing Posse
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Super Bowl Ad Roundup

Super Bowl Ad Roundup

Whether you watched the Super Bowl for the game, the halftime show or the commercials, there is no doubt it is one of the biggest media events of the year. Brands spend millions to get the coveted spots during the commercial breaks. As marketers, we thought it would be fun to pick our favorite ads this year and share with you what we loved and why it worked…


(Diane’s Pick)

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CEO and Founder of WeatherTech celebrates his own dog Scout’s recovery from cancer at the Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. He sponsored the commercial and has a fundraiser for the veterinary hospital on his website.

This heartwarming ad immediately grabs your attention with the image and “voice” of Scout saying “Hi”, which is hard to resist for any dog owner or animal lover. The story is positive, hopeful, informative and extraordinary.  This is a personal story that comes from the CEO’s heart and relates back to the products he sells, which include vehicle pet accessories. I would be inclined to buy from a company that is supporting a cause and raising donations for something that is meaningful to me. Since he cares so greatly for his own dog, I would trust his pet accessories for my pet to ride safely in my vehicle. I appreciate that he is giving so much back by helping the hospital that helped his furbaby, and glad he is raising awareness for a hospital that can help other pets whose owners may not know where to turn or have given up hope.

Doritos® Cool Ranch

(Sara’s Pick)

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My pick for favorite Super Bowl commercial is the Doritos® Cool Ranch commercial featuring Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott. I think it works because it embodies what you want from a great Super Bowl commercial.  It’s got the music you know because it has been on every radio station for the past year.  It’s got famous people and even cameos…Billy Ray Cyrus.  It’s got action, suspense, and fun!  And, the fit with Cool Ranch makes total sense to not only play up the western theme with the product name but also because of the bold and adventurous spirit of Doritos.  This is one I’ll definitely watch and sing along to again.

Cheetos Popcorn

(Meredith’s Pick)

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My pick for the best Superbowl commercial is Cheetos Popcorn. The commercial introduced the new popcorn product and played off the messy fingers that you always get after eating Cheetos. I Loved MC Hammer and the song Don’t Touch This was perfect… very fitting since you don’t want to touch anything after eating Cheetos! The commercial was funny and of course, the song is a classic that everyone knows. The commercial was entertaining, unique to the brand and I will definitely give the popcorn a try!


(Angie’s Pick)

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My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Amazon Alexa commercial. I loved it because it began and wrapped up with Ellen DeGeneres (and Portia) plus it had humorous characters along the way. It’s easy to take artificial intelligence for granted and to forget how convenient it has made our lives. This commercial really makes you think back and reminds us “What did people do before Alexa?” Anything that makes life easier and saves time is a major draw. Plus, the Lil’ Jon tune at the end was a bonus. #BeforeAlexa

Soda Stream

(Kari’s Pick)

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My favorite commercial was Soda Stream, Water on Mars. It kept my interest the whole time and had me laughing at the end. I definitely had to watch it again later to confirm that I did see the cameo by Bill Nye the Science Guy! I love that they took the relevant topic of the exploration of Mars and finding water there, and then had a fun twist at the end. I like how it communicates this brand is cutting edge and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The commercial is right in line with their tagline on their website homepage, IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, IT’S FRESH SPARKLING WATER IN SECONDS. I am definitely more interested in trying the product than I was prior to seeing the commercial.


(Kylie’s Pick)

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My favorite Superbowl commercial was the Walmart Out-of-This-World Convenience commercial. The commercial promoted Walmart’s free pickup grocery service. I was at a Superbowl party yesterday with friends and their children. Ages at the party ranged from six years old up to mid-forties. Every person in the room understood at least 1 of the movie references in the commercial, making it relevant and relatable to many different generations. Walmart as a brand is about being the friendly neighborhood store and this commercial did a good job in portraying this by relating to everyone. My favorite movie references were the Men in Black Pug and Independence Day movie references. I have to admit, I felt a bit old when the children started laughing at movie references I’ve never heard of, ha! I’ve watched the commercial several times and it keeps getting funnier! I actually already use Walmart’s grocery services and first found out about it from a commercial they did a while back.




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